Glass and Ceramics

Glass flame protector

The Merton flame protector is a renewal of "the forgotten past" to protect the candle flame from wind gusts, avoiding flickering and wax drops. The protector is slowly sliding down while the candle burns all the way down. The Merton flame protector has specially matching candlesticks: either ceramic or metal.

Ceramic candlestick

White ceramic candlestick is specially designed to match with the Merton flame protector. It suits perfectly with a discrete or festive atmosphere.

Glass and Metal

Merton flame protector and metal candlestick

The beauty of simplicity and elegance - the combination of glass flame protector and shiny metal candlestick matches with modern, minimalistic and roomy interior design.

Safe and Cosy

Merton candle set makes your evenings safe and cosy

In addition to the beautiful and elegant design the candle set is protecting your household. The flame stays firmly in the flame protector until it is extinguished by the burnt candle wick.